Other services

Mobile/Home services

Prompt Exercise Physiology Services care about your health and want the best outcome for you. We provide mobile exercise physiology services that are flexible and convenient for your health goals in the comfort of your own home.

Like our other services, we personalise the exercise to you and your goals. We bring along our own equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Mobile exercise physiology services can also be beneficial for individuals who may be intimidated by traditional gym environments or who prefer a more private and personalized setting. With mobile services, you can exercise in a familiar environment.

Private Health

People who have private health may be able to claim a rebate percentage or the full fee of an exercise physiology session depending on their insurance fund entitlements.
Simply check with your private health fund and explore your options as they can vary between individuals and their providers.

Doctor’s Referral

Exercise is a simple yet powerful medicine that’s affordable and easily accessible to all. By increasing physical activity, we can improve chronic disease mortality rates.

At Prompt Exercise Physiology, we understand that referrals from healthcare professionals are an essential aspect of delivering quality care to our clients. Our team of accredited exercise physiologists works closely with healthcare providers to create personalized exercise programs that address each client’s unique needs.

If you’re a healthcare provider looking to refer a patient to Prompt Exercise Physiology, we make the process simple and straightforward. You can send a referral via email, or post, and we’ll get in touch with the patient to schedule an initial consultation.

During the consultation, our exercise physiologists will assess the patient’s health, fitness levels, and any underlying medical conditions. Based on this information, we’ll design a tailored exercise program that aims to improve the patient’s overall health, manage their medical conditions, and help them achieve their fitness goals, and provide you, the referrer, a follow-up report.

If you’re interested in referring a patient to our team, please get in touch with us today. We look forward to working with you and your patients to achieve their health and fitness goals.