Senior & Aged Care Programs

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What is a aged care home care package?

Senior Exercise Classes

Home care packages (HCP) are one of the ways that older Australians can access affordable care services to get some help at home, including Senior Exercise Classes. They are designed for those with more complex care needs that go beyond what the Commonwealth Home Support Program can provide.

How can Prompt EPS help?

At Prompt, our clinicians are skilled in working with seniors to maintain and improve their health as well as mobility and independence. With a skilled understanding of the ageing body and its associated conditions, we provide individualised exercise for people with chronic disease, complex medical conditions and injuries.

We offer exercise physiology services to our clients in-clinic and at home. We can come to you and possess all the tools we need to complete a full assessment and therapy within your home.

How can exercise physiology assist me or my loved one?

What to expect from your sessions:

First session will screen your capability for exercises, what are your goals and needs and what you enjoy. From there together we identify the appropriate service:

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